This  is one of my rain/dust saddle covers I also reciently sold

This is a lighter weight rain/dust cover made of 100% demier. All have outdoor colored elastic to tye under your saddle.

This is a embroidery I put on a dust/rain Saddle Cover

Fly Fishing Reel Pouches

Rain/Dust Horse Saddle covers

Saddle Pad Covers

Goat Soap

Western Embroidery


Our Fly Fishing Reel Pouches are designed with a Tye-Fly embroidery on the top and a zipper closure; to keep that special Reel Secure until the next time you use it.

   -designing  Western & English Saddle Rain/Dust covers out of  vinyl, canvas or  rain repellent Camo; to keep that special saddle protected from the weather when not in use in the barn or out on the trail.

   - our natural goat soap is made from our own Milk Goats off the farm

I embroidered two guns on the side of this  rain/dust cover.  Althought I like the embroidery work better on the solid heavy boat vinyl.